Resources for Park and Recreation Professionals

With help from our members and research partners, we make the following resources and tools available to equip parks and recreation departments, municipalities, urban design and landscape architecture firms, and advocacy organizations to enhance capacity and build equitable, healthy, and engaged communities.

  • Report

    Cross-sectional associations of different types of nature exposure with psychotropic, antihypertensive and asthma medication

    Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

    In this cross-sectional study, a higher frequency of green space exposure is thought to be beneficial for human health.

  • Report

    Safety of Women and Girls Consultation Report

    London Legacy Development Corporation

    This report analyses the outcomes of the consultation and provides recommendations to increase the safety and feeling of safety of women and girls.

  • Report

    The COVID-19 Pandemic and Outdoor Recreation: Exploring COVID-19 Induced Changes in Outdoor Recreation Engagement and Behaviour in New Zealand

    Land Environment and People Research Report

    The second of two reports that explores the impacts of the 2020 COVID-19 national lockdown on outdoor recreationists’ in New Zealand.

  • Report

    COVID-19 and Greenspace Use Survey Findings

    Data and Evidence subgroup of the Environment and Spaces for Public Health Partnership Group

    This report provides an overview of findings from surveys looking at visits to and use of greenspace during the pandemic.

  • Plan

    ASLA Climate Action Field Guide for practitioners

    American Society of Landscape Architects

    This Field Guide supports the three topics of the ASLA Climate Action Plan: Practice, Equity, and Advocacy.

  • Report

    WHO-Green and New Evidence and Perspectives for Action Blue Spaces and Mental Health

    World Health Organization

    This report presents the results of two systematic reviews on types and characteristics of green and blue spaces and mental health.

  • Plan

    ASLA Climate Action Plan

    American Society of Landscape Architects

    To get on a pathway to zero emissions, ASLA is taking a significant step forward with this Climate Action Plan.

  • Report

    A Framework for Assessing Equitable Health Outcomes of Parks

    Urban Institute

    Provides a framework for identifying how park systems improves health outcomes for users and understand how parks address health disparities.

  • Member Exclusive

    Parks for All

    Canadian Parks & Recreation Association

    Action Plan For Canada’s Parks Community