Resources for Park and Recreation Professionals

With help from our members and research partners, we make the following resources and tools available to equip parks and recreation departments, municipalities, urban design and landscape architecture firms, and advocacy organizations to enhance capacity and build equitable, healthy, and engaged communities.

  • Member Exclusive

    LA County Draft Displacement Avoidance Strategy

    Los Angeles County

    Memo outlining strategies to address and lessen displacement and gentrification outcomes as a result of park enhancement projects.

  • Member Exclusive

    Greening without Gentrification: Learning from Parks-Related Anti-Displacement Strategies Nationwide

    The University of Utah, UCLA, GreenInfo Network

    Results shared of an ongoing study to identify and classify parks-related anti-displacement strategies in marginalized neighborhoods in 19 cities.

  • Member Exclusive

    The Case for Open Space: Why the Real Estate Industry Should Invest in Parks and Open Spaces

    Urban Land Institute

    Explores the benefits of private sector involvement in creating, maintaining, operating, and programming parks and open space.