City Workshops: Tailored Solutions

Diverse demands and limited resources for urban park systems require city leaders to work more effectively across sectors, leveraging civic assets as well as funding and expertise from the public, nonprofit, and private realms. Workshops allow park and recreation leaders to:

  • Build skills for effective cross-sector park partnerships, developing their collaborative governance capacity.
  • Seed replication of innovation by learning about best practices and effective strategies from other cities with similar challenges and opportunities.
  • Support new collaborative partnerships by hosting workshops locally with cross-sector participation.

Workshops are led by professional facilitators and utilize a unique curriculum that includes interactive, peer-to-peer learning where city leadership teams and cross-sector partners explore new approaches to challenges and jump-start new collaborations. They are customized to meet the needs of local communities and can be offered in single and half-day formats.

Past workshops have been held in Detroit, Birmingham, Flint, Los Angeles, Saint Paul, Traverse City, San Jose, Charlestown, and Kansas City.

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Baltimore, MD

Baltimore’s Parks & People Foundation, in partnership with Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks and The Conservation Fund, is interested in creating a model for working collaboratively with cross-sector partners and coordinating fundraising efforts to increase resources for parks. The goal of the workshop is to help create a shared vision and priorities for joint fundraising and define clear roles among partners. The timing is advantageous as the Department of Recreation & Parks is establishing a new office of community engagement to strengthen community outreach and more effectively work with “friends” groups. The workshop will provide a foundational framework for this new effort to build more effective strategies around community engagement.

Chattanooga, TN

After the previous mayor dismantled the Parks department in 2013, the city has been struggling to establish a coordinated effort around designing and maintaining its parks, with nonprofits and other partners stepping in to fill the void. The current mayor is now focused on activating and programming parks, especially in low-income communities. This is an opportune time for a workshop to help the city establish roles, stronger partnerships, and better outreach to low-income and communities of color. In addition, this work will build on their 10-Minute Walk Campaign, as well as complement a city-wide park system master planning process kicking off this year. The Chattanooga Division of Open Spaces, The Trust for Public Land, and Chattanooga Design Studio have a history of successful collaboration and will be working together to host the workshop.

Washington, DC

The DC Department of Parks and Recreation has worked to advance community-based partnerships over the years, and they have a strong core planning team for this initiative with a history of working together. With a workshop, they will be focused on recreation center partnerships, and engaging low-income and under-served communities in building ownership of these resources, ensuring the true needs of the community are met. This is a unique angle and topic area for a workshop with great potential to serve as a model for other cities interested in expanding recreation center partnerships.