Upcoming Events

City Parks Alliance events offer networking and learning opportunities for parks and recreation professionals and others working to maximize the benefits of parks and greenspace in America’s cities.

  • Park Study Tour

    Park Study Tour: St. Louis, MO

    Jun 1-3, 2023St. Louis, MO

    This tour will focus on how cities can dramatically restore and conserve park grounds, as well as park partnerships and public access to parks.

  • Webinar

    Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Threats: Flooding, Biodiversity Loss, and Heat

    Jun 15, 2023Virtual

    As park professionals, we understand that climate change is not coming – it’s here. Many cities are facing one or more climate threats while also dealing with …

  • Member Exclusive
    Peer Conversation

    Building Community Power to Advance Environmental Justice

    Jul 13, 2023Virtual

    Arif Ullah, Executive Director, South Bronx Unite

  • Virtual Workshop

    Empowering the Community Through Authentic Engagement

    August 2023Virtual

    Community engagement has typically been approached as a process that allows organizations to solicit feedback on particular projects or plans. This model often…

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