Upcoming Events

City Parks Alliance events offer networking and learning opportunities for parks and recreation professionals and others working to maximize the benefits of parks and greenspace in America’s cities.

  • Member Exclusive

    Parks as Catalysts for Inclusive Economic and Community Development

    May 4, 2021Virtual

    Parks and greenways provide numerous benefits to communities, from health to climate resilience, community building to nature connection. In order for those be…

  • Webinar

    Measuring Park Use and Leveraging Data to Make the Case for Park Investments

    June 2021Virtual

    Join us for Measuring Park Use and Leveraging Data to Make the Case for Park Investments. We’ll share more topic details and speaker information leading up to …

  • Summer Series

    Building a Diverse Workforce for 21st Century Parks

    June 2021Innovation Round

    For decades, environmental and parks organizations have struggled to diversify their staff and leadership. Where they have diversified, people of color often c…

  • Summer Series

    Building Community Ownership through Engagement

    June 2021Innovation Round

    Ensuring public spaces reflect and support local residents and diverse cultures requires building deep community connections.  In historically marginalized nei…

  • Summer Series

    Parks Driving Large-Scale Equitable Development

    June 2021Panel Discussion

    There is broad consensus in the urban parks field that every resident deserves access to quality parks and recreation resources close to home.  But there is le…

  • Summer Series

    Reclaiming Contested Park Space: Partnering with First Nations

    June 2021Panel Discussion

    Most of the parks in North America sit on lands formerly occupied by Native American Tribes, also known as First Nations. But few cities acknowledge that histo…

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