Driving Change Through Leadership and Collaboration

Driving Change Through Leadership and Collaboration

It is often said that change is the only constant in life. The last few years have taught all of us, perhaps park leaders more than others, that we must constantly adapt to meet the evolving needs of our communities, partners, and those we serve. Climate crises, public protests in the face of racial injustice, and the pandemic have all deeply touched our parks and the role they play in our lives. Even without such crises, the ever-evolving need for public space to serve so many vital functions in our modern lives has made it critical for park leaders to drive change with vision, innovation, flexibility, and a collaborative spirit.

Change can take the form of new organizational processes, policies, structures, partnerships, priorities, and programs, among other things. Join us for this workshop to learn about different organizational change models, hear from park leaders who have successfully driven transformative change using these models, and talk with your peers about your challenges and successes in driving change in your own organization and community.

We encourage teams of 2-4 people per city to register and offer discounts for city teams! Participants are encouraged to attend the workshop with others in their organization and/or community so they can explore ways to work together to drive innovation and change.

Please contact Diana Colangelo with any questions at [email protected].

Support for this workshop series is provided by:

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Registration Fees:

  • Individual member: $30
  • Individual non-member: $50
  • Team of 2 with at least one CPA member: $55
  • Team of 2, non-member: $95
  • Team of 3, with at least one CPA member: $75
  • Team of 3, non-member: $135
  • Team of 4 with at least one CPA member: $80
  • Team of 4, non-member: $160


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January 2023


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