Building an Effective Citywide Park Nonprofit

Building an Effective Citywide Park Nonprofit

Citywide park nonprofits are playing an increasingly critical role in the park ecosystems of cities – advocating for equitable park investments, building the capacity of citizens to engage in their parks, raising funds for capital projects and programs, and promoting a shared vision about the importance of parks and the need for increased public investment.

Whether your city has an established citywide park nonprofit or is looking to start one, join us to learn about the core functions of these important organizations, hear from citywide park nonprofits from around the country, and talk with your peers about how to start or strengthen your citywide park nonprofit.

We’ll be joined by panelists from three citywide park nonprofits in various stages of their evolution – Austin Parks Foundation, Bloom (Memphis), and The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis. Participants will learn how they were created, how they are governed, their core functions, their relationships with city agencies, and how they financially support their own work as well as the work of grassroots park partners. You’ll also learn about their biggest challenges and what they consider to be the keys to success in doing this work.


Lori Hazlett, President & CEO, The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis

Lori Hazlett is President & CEO of The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis, a not-for-profit organization that identifies and manages resources for parks and public spaces that improve quality of life, connect people to places, and build community.

Jamal Boddie, Executive Director, Bloom (Memphis, TN)

Jamal Boddie is the Executive Director for Bloom, Inc., a park advocacy nonprofit in Memphis that focuses on creating stewards and parks friend’s groups for neighborhood parks. As a native Memphian, Jamal cares deeply for Memphis and seeing it grow and improve.

Colin Wallis, Chief Executive Officer, Austin Parks Foundation

Colin Wallis is the Chief Executive Officer of the Austin Parks Foundation where they strive to improve the more than 300 parks in Austin. Colin studied Economics and Marketing at the University of Texas and is an active member of the Austin Community. He is an avid runner, swimmer, and cyclist.

We encourage teams of 2-4 people per city to register and offer discounts for city teams! Participants are encouraged to attend the workshop with public, nonprofit and private sector leaders from their cities so they can explore ways to work together in order to strengthen parks citywide.

Please contact Diana Colangelo with any questions at [email protected].

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Registration Fees:

  • Individual member: $30
  • Individual non-member: $50
  • Team of 2 with at least one CPA member: $55
  • Team of 2, non-member: $95
  • Team of 3, with at least one CPA member: $75
  • Team of 3, non-member: $135
  • Team of 4 with at least one CPA member: $80
  • Team of 4, non-member: $160



Thank you for your interest in this workshop. We have reached capacity for this event and registration is now closed. If you would like to be the first to hear when registration opens for our next workshop, Driving Change Through Leadership and Collaboration, taking place on October 25th from 2-5 pm ET, please add your name and contact information here.


Aug 30, 2022
2-5 PM ET


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