Resources for Park and Recreation Professionals

With help from our members and research partners, we make the following resources and tools available to equip parks and recreation departments, municipalities, urban design and landscape architecture firms, and advocacy organizations to enhance capacity and build equitable, healthy, and engaged communities.

  • Technical Tool

    East Bay Regional Park District FEMA Application

    East Bay Regional Park District

    A model application for FEMA funds following 2005 rain storms at the Great House Portal, when the Black Diamond Mines started caving in.

  • Report

    Extreme Weather Mitigation in the Las Cruces Infill District Through Green Stormwater Infrastructure

    Las Cruces Infill District

    A report describing how a $1.8 million investment in trees supported by green infrastructure will double the Infill District's shade canopy while also conservi…

  • Webinar Slides | Using Climate Mitigation and Disaster Relief Funds to Build Resilient Communities

  • Technical Tool

    East Bay Regional Park District Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Project Subapplication

    East Bay Regional Park District

  • Technical Tool

    East Bay Regional Park District Pre-Disaster and Flood Mitigation Assist

    East Bay Regional Park District

  • Technical Tool

    2020 Funding Guide A Playcore Company

    Useful list of funding sources to access resources to plan, build, and program parks and other communities assets.

  • Case Study

    Chicago’s Green Schoolyards Program

    Chicago, IL

    Partnering with Chicago Public Schools provided a unique opportunity because the school district has a significant need for updating play equipment, but very l…

  • Case Study

    A Former Chemical Plant Site Proves Key to a City’s Resiliency

    Hoboken, NJ

    Taking the long view, city planners turn a former industrial site into a modern urban park that that also manages stormwater runoff.

  • Case Study

    Mobilizing Investment and Building Capacity

    Las Cruces, NM

    Planning for extreme weather catalyzes a $400,000 investment in a historically underserved neighborhood in the Southwest.