Resources for Park and Recreation Professionals

With help from our members and research partners, we make the following resources and tools available to equip parks and recreation departments, municipalities, urban design and landscape architecture firms, and advocacy organizations to enhance capacity and build equitable, healthy, and engaged communities.

  • Case Study

    Girls Play, LA

    City Parks Alliance

    The City of Los Angeles's Department of Parks & Recreation's "Girls Play, LA" focuses on fitness for girls in under-served communities.

  • Case Study

    FY17 LWCF ORLP Selected Projects

    National Park Service

    A description of 16 Selected Projects and associated award amounts for FY17-18 LWCF-ORLP

  • Case Study

    FY15.FY16 ORLP Selected Projects

    National Park Service

    A description of Selected Projects totalling $13.3 Million for Improvements to Local Parks and Recreation in 22 Cities for Fiscal year 15/16

  • Case Study

    FY 14 LWCF ORLP Selected Projects

    National Park Service

    A description of seven LWCF ORLP Fiscal Year 2014 grantee projects and associated award amounts.

  • Case Study

    San Francisco: Cal Enviro-Screen 3.0

    San Francisco Recreation and Parks, San Francisco Parks Alliance

    The approval of a park revenue measure drove the development of an equity analysis, which leveraged a statewide open data set provided by the EPA.

  • Case Study

    Pittsburgh: Parks for All

    Pittsburgh Park Conservancy, Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation

    An equitable investment plan was driven by data and coupled with residents’ input and priorities, resulting in the passage of a park tax referendum.

  • Case Study

    Philadelphia: Rebuilding Community Infrastructure

    Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

    Rebuild, funded by a sugary beverage tax, aims to revitalize neighborhood parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries.

  • Case Study

    New York City: Framework for an Equitable Future

    NYC Parks

    NYC Parks analyzed capital investment data from the past 20 years and established long-term community partnerships that sustain investment in the city’s parks.

  • Case Study

    Minneapolis: Community Outreach Department and 20-Year Neighborhood Park Plan

    Minneapolis Parks & Recreation

    Minneapolis' Community Outreach Department uses data-driven racial and economic equity criteria to close park funding gaps and distribute funds.