Resources for Park and Recreation Professionals

With help from our members and research partners, we make the following resources and tools available to equip parks and recreation departments, municipalities, urban design and landscape architecture firms, and advocacy organizations to enhance capacity and build equitable, healthy, and engaged communities.

  • Member Exclusive

    The Case for Open Space: Why the Real Estate Industry Should Invest in Parks and Open Spaces

    Urban Land Institute

    Explores the benefits of private sector involvement in creating, maintaining, operating, and programming parks and open space.

  • Member Exclusive
    Technical Tool

    Chicago Dog-Friendly Area Package

    Chicago Park District

    This document is a comprehensive package from the Chicago Park District outlining how to establish a dog friendly area. It includes a step-by-step manual, chec…

  • Member Exclusive

    Unified School District MOU

    San Francisco Unified School District

    Memorandum of understanding between the listed organizations for the shared use of sports fields under the ownership of the San Francisco Unified School Distri…

  • Member Exclusive

    University of Chicago Economic Development MOU

    University of Chicago

    Memorandum of understanding to foster collaboration between the University of Chicago (situated within Hyde Park) and the City of Chicago Department of Housing…

  • Member Exclusive

    Volunteer Park MOU

    Friends of Volunteer Park Trust

    Memorandum of understanding between the listed organizations defining the express ownership of Volunteer Park by the City of Seattle, the roles and responsibil…

  • Member Exclusive

    Community Benefits Ordinance – Detroit

    Detroit Parks and Recreation

    This ordinance requires Community Benefits Agreements to be established for development projects seeking public support and investment above a certain threshol…

  • Member Exclusive

    City of Arroyo Grande Consideration for Updated Dog Park Agreement

    City of Arroyo Grande

    This document is a consideration from the City of Arroyo Grande for an updated adopt-a-park agreement to an off-leash dog park.

  • Member Exclusive

    City of Austin Concession Contract Extension for Butler Park

    City of Austin

    This document is a contract extension issued by the City of Austin for the concessions operator Butler Park Pitch and Putt, LLC.