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  • Member Exclusive

    Homelessness in Parks: Innovative Strategies to Create Positive Change

    Jan 28, 2020Virtual

    Explore proven strategies, like creating effective yet compassionate encampment cleanup protocols and measuring success. Sponsored by Landscape Structures.

  • Webinar

    Funding Brownfields to Parks

    Nov 21, 2019Virtual

    Learn about projects that have successfully funded transforming brownfields into parks and positively impacted their surrounding communities.

  • Webinar

    Active Parks, Healthy Cities: Increasing Physical Activity Among Teen Girls and Seniors

    Oct 2, 2019Virtual

    This webinar explores creative models and programs that engage teen girls and seniors in physical activity in their parks and community spaces.

  • Member Exclusive

    Mitigating the Effects of Fees on Low-Income Residents

    Aug 21, 2019Virtual

    Explore the equity implications of park fees and explore creative models that ensure all park users, regardless of income, can access park resources.

  • Member Exclusive

    Funding Parks Through Institutional Health Partnerships

    May 15, 2019Virtual

    Learn how to partner with various health institutions to fund, program, and activate parks and green spaces.

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