Past Webinars

View resources from past events like webinar recordings and slide decks.

  • Member Exclusive

    Building Your Network of Park Advocates for Stronger Budgets

    May 27, 2020Recording Available

    Learn how park and rec professionals are harnessing the current enthusiasm about parks and directing it toward action.

  • Webinar

    Planning for the Summer and Beyond in Our Parks

    Apr 24, 2020Virtual

    Learn how your peers are approaching summer camps, volunteers, resident communication, scenario planning, and data collection in parks during and post-pandemic.

  • Webinar

    Programming While Social Distancing: Creative Strategies to Engage Communities

    Apr 9, 2020Virtual

    Learn how park & rec professionals are using social media, live-streaming, signage, and other strategies to connect residents and encourage physical activity.

  • Webinar

    Park Leaders and COVID-19: Serving the Community in Challenging Times

    Mar 25, 2020Virtual

    Join us for a panel discussion with park professionals on how to safely utilize parks to maintain physical and mental wellness during this difficult time.

  • Webinar

    Funding Opportunity Available: Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Grants

    Mar 12, 2020Virtual

    Learn how to apply for the ORLP grant program, which provides funds to create and improve state and local parks particularly in underserved communities.

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