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  • Member Exclusive

    Planting Equitable and Resilient Urban Forests

    Apr 29, 2024Virtual

    The equitable distribution of trees throughout cities ensures that all neighborhoods have access to the multitude of health and climate resilience benefits of …

  • Webinar

    Planning for Inclusive Growth with New Park Projects

    Apr 18, 2024Virtual

    City Parks Alliance, in partnership with Prevention Institute, is hosting a webinar that will focus on strategies for stabilizing communities when large-scale …

  • Member Exclusive

    Deploying Technology to Explore Park Usage and Impact

    Jan 25, 2024Virtual

    This webinar will explore how park leaders are deploying technology to measure and understand a range of issues in their park systems, including park usage pat…

  • Webinar

    Urban Park Grant Opportunity (ORLP) Technical Assistance

    Oct 24, 2023Recording available

    City Parks Alliance, in partnership with the National Park Service, is hosting an Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) grant technical assistance webin…

  • Webinar

    Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Threats: Flooding, Biodiversity Loss, and Heat

    Jun 15, 2023Recording available

    As park professionals, we understand that climate change is not coming – it’s here. Many cities are facing one or more climate threats while also dealing with …

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