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  • Member Exclusive

    Effective Cross-Agency Collaboration on Green Infrastructure

    Sep 28, 2021Recording Available

    Climate change presents unique challenges to cities, and these challenges increasingly demand innovative solutions and partnerships. Join us to hear how parks …

  • Webinar

    Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program Technical Assistance

    Jul 14, 2021Virtual

    City Parks Alliance, and our partners the National Recreation and Park Association and the Trust for Public Land, are hosting an Outdoor Recreation Legacy Part…

  • Webinar

    Measuring Park Use to Better Understand Your Park System

    Jun 3, 2021Virtual

    Despite the historically high use of parks during the pandemic, many park organizations may lack a data-driven picture of how park use is changing and how this…

  • Webinar

    How Cities Can Receive Funding From The Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program

    Jun 2, 2021Recording Available

    We are excited to collaborate with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, and National Recreation and Park Association to host a webinar on …

  • Member Exclusive

    Parks as Catalysts for Inclusive Economic and Community Development

    May 4, 2021Recording Available

    Parks and greenways provide numerous benefits to communities, from health to climate resilience, community building to nature connection. In order for those be…

  • Member Exclusive

    Designing Parks to Meet Climate Resilience Challenges

    Mar 18, 2021Recording Available

    As the effects of climate change continue to be felt at all levels of society from the neighborhood to the global community, it will become more important to c…

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