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  • Member Exclusive

    Parks as Catalysts for Inclusive Economic and Community Development

    May 4, 2021Recording Available

    Parks and greenways provide numerous benefits to communities, from health to climate resilience, community building to nature connection. In order for those be…

  • Member Exclusive

    Designing Parks to Meet Climate Resilience Challenges

    Mar 18, 2021Recording Available

    As the effects of climate change continue to be felt at all levels of society from the neighborhood to the global community, it will become more important to c…

  • Webinar

    An Introduction to City Parks Alliance’s Equitable Park Funding Hub

    Jan 27, 2021Recording Available

    Join us for an introduction to the Hub, including what types of funding sources are included, how to utilize it, and examples of how cities have used these fun…

  • Member Exclusive

    Pursuing Equity Goals with Citywide Park Nonprofits

    Dec 17, 2020Recording Available

    Learn from your peers about citywide park nonprofits, including how they got started, their relationship with the city and other groups, funding, and keys to s…

  • Webinar

    Using Climate Mitigation and Disaster Relief Funds to Build Resilient Communities

    Nov 10, 2020Recording Available

    Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more severe.  Parks and green spaces that are designed for resilience play an important role in preventin…

  • Webinar

    Funding Parks and Trails Through Land Trust Partnerships

    Sep 16, 2020Recording Available

    Land trusts play an important role in the conservation and preservation of natural assets in a community while increasing access to recreational opportunities.

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