Reports & Tools

Documenting the Potential of City Parks

City Parks Alliance and research partners are exploring the role of parks in addressing critical emerging issues facing cities. Together with economists, engineers, policy experts, advocates and practitioners, we are delivering practical, replicable solutions for cities, agencies, and residents. City Parks Alliance members and others can draw upon these reports, videos, and infographics to demonstrate the power of city parks in a broad new context of economic, environmental, and social opportunity.

Reports and Other Tools

  • Member Exclusive

    An Exploration of Unsheltered Homelessness Management on an Urban Riparian Corridor

    The Author Journal Compilation

    Research explores equitable and beneficial solutions to unsheltered homelessness in urban green spaces.

  • Member Exclusive

    Homeless Census & Survey

    San Luis Obispo County

    This survey, administered to 418 individuals experiencing homelessness, profiles their experiences and characteristics.