ParkXChange Resource Library

Resources for Urban Park Professionals

This searchable library hosts helpful park resource documents, including cross-sector MOUs, equity action plans, agreements for park maintenance and operations, dog park and concession management, green infrastructure development and maintenance, community benefits, arts and cultural programming and events, as well as other resource guides and technical tools to support park partnerships.

  • Agreement

    Partnership Agreement of Portland Parks & Recreation and The Forest Park Conservancy

    Forest Park Conservancy

    Key assumptions outlined for how Forest Park Conservancy works cooperatively with city agency to care for a 5,000+ acre park with 70+ miles of trails.

  • Report

    2020 Menino Survey of Mayors

    Boston University Initiative on Cities

    Mayors have had to deal with COVID-19’s consequences and its impact on their cities' future. Between June and August 2020 this Survey asked 130 mayors about th…

  • Member Exclusive

    Assignment of Easements to the City of Birmingham

    Freshwater Land Trust

    This is an example of a simple document that successfully transfers several parcels to a municipality at the same time. It only requires the City to record it …

  • Member Exclusive

    Partnership Agreement for the Five Mile Creek Greenway

    Freshwater Land Trust

    This group is working on a 35-mile trail in an industrial area, working to restart local investment after major industry closures. They have implemented succes…

  • Technical Tool

    NRPA Park and Recreation Professionals’ Guide to Fundraising


    This guide outlines the fundraising process for park and recreation agencies to work with business entities, conduct special events and help raise money.

  • Member Exclusive
    Case Study

    Starting A Corps Manual Case Study: The Gulf Coast Restoration Initiative

    The Corps Network

    A step-by-step guide with milestones and benchmarks for those starting their own Corps program from exploratory phase to full operation.

  • Member Exclusive
    Technical Tool

    Survey: Summer 2020 Recreational Programming

    City of El Cajon

    A survey by El Cajon Parks & Rec Dept's regarding summer classes, in-person camps, and virtual camps to prepare for summer programming within social distancing…

  • Member Exclusive

    Virginia Beach Essential Services Child Care Guidelines for Staff

    City of VA Beach

    The City of Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Department offers free child care services to designated personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic.