Designing Park Projects That Improve Community Health

Designing Park Projects That Improve Community Health

Parks are critical community assets in supporting both physical and mental health. Formal studies and anecdotal evidence point to the importance of parks, trails, and open spaces in improving health outcomes. Developing park and trail projects that provide recreational opportunities, better connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists, and even opportunities to grow healthy food can all contribute to active, healthy communities.

Join us to learn about City Parks Alliance’s updated report, “A Smart Investment for America’s Health,” which highlights the physical, mental and environmental benefits that city parks provide and shows how funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund’s Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) play an important role in supporting strong, healthy communities across America. The webinar will focus on two case studies that received ORLP grants.

Guest speakers from Anchorage, Alaska, and Mobile, Alabama will discuss the significant park and greenway projects they’re working on, which have essential connections to health and improve park access and connectivity for thousands of residents. They’ll talk about how they’ve approached these projects, as well as the funding sources, engagement processes, and partnerships they’ve put in place to set the projects up for success.


Support for this work is provided by:


  • AICP
  •  LA CES


Jennifer Greene, Director, Programs and Project Management, City of Mobile, Alabama

Steve Rafuse, Superintendent, Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation


Celina Shirazipour, Assistant Professor, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, West Hollywood, CA

Apr 28, 2022
2:00-3:00 pm ET
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