Silver Linings: Lessons Learned, New Opportunities for Public Spaces in a Post-Pandemic Time

Funders Learning Network
Silver Linings: Lessons Learned, New Opportunities for Public Spaces in a Post-Pandemic Time

In May 2020, City Parks Alliance hosted a Funders Learning Network peer conversation to discuss how grantmakers were thinking about parks and public spaces in the “new normal” of COVID lockdown. We discussed how foundations were “pivoting” community resilience and recovery strategies and how funders were re-thinking how to activate downtowns while workforces remained home. We are bringing the conversation forward two years later, with some hindsight and plenty of time for exchange.  

Moderator: Jill Horwood, Director, Waterfront Initiative, Barr Foundation, Boston. 

Conversation Starter: Cayla Chamberlin, Senior Program Manager, Public Spaces, Gilbert Family Foundation, Detroit. 

This event is limited to 30 attendees to encourage conversation and exchange. It is open to representatives of grantmaking organizations only. To register, RSVP to Hilary Dick at [email protected] for the registration link.

Peer-to-Peer Programming Sponsored By:

May 17, 2022
3:00 ET-4:00 ET
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