Empowering the Community Through Authentic Engagement

Empowering the Community Through Authentic Engagement

Community engagement has typically been approached as a process that allows organizations to solicit feedback on particular projects or plans. This model often misses opportunities for organizations to build authentic relationships with and among community members and to center community voices and needs in their work more generally.

Join City Parks Alliance for this skill-building workshop, which will focus on strategies for building deeper connections with communities and strengthening the capacity of the community to meaningfully engage with its parks.

We encourage teams of 2-4 people per city to register and offer discounts for city teams! We strongly recommend that teams include individuals from at least two different organizations, in order to maximize the potential for partnership and collaboration following the workshop.

During the workshop, participants will explore the difference between community engagement and community building; hear from guest speakers who are doing great community building work; learn strategies to foster more authentic connections; and think about steps they can take to start shifting toward a community building approach.

Support for this workshop series is provided by:

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This workshop has sold out. To be added to the waitlist, please email
Diana Colangelo at [email protected].

Registration Fees:

  • Individual member: $30
  • Individual non-member: $50
  • Team of 2 with at least one CPA member: $55
  • Team of 2, non-member: $95
  • Team of 3, with at least one CPA member: $75
  • Team of 3, non-member: $135
  • Team of 4 with at least one CPA member: $80
  • Team of 4, non-member: $160
Oct 13, 2021
2:00-4:30 PM ET


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