City Parks Alliance Applauds U.S. Conference of Mayors for Adoption of City Park Infrastructure Resolution

City Parks Alliance Applauds U.S. Conference of Mayors for Adoption of City Park Infrastructure Resolution

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) today approved a new resolution that urges Congress to include city parks in any future infrastructure legislation. The resolution passed unanimously at the USCM annual meeting in Boston. Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto sponsored the resolution. Mayor Peduto is a member of the bipartisan Mayors for Parks Coalition, a project of City Parks Alliance.

Catherine Nagel, executive director of City Parks Alliance, praised the mayors for their full support of the resolution, saying, “the bipartisan approval of the resolution by the mayors demonstrates the broad support that city parks should be a core part of infrastructure legislation moving forward. Mayors know the critical role that parks play in improving the health and vitality of their cities and surrounding regions, and understand that city parks help address many urban challenges, including those relating to transportation, stormwater management, and access to recreation.”

Passing an infrastructure package is a priority for the administration and both parties in Congress, with each talking about a $1 trillion package. As cities become more densely populated, and concern about the impact of climate change increases, planners, elected officials, and community advocates are taking a fresh look at parks and their potential to help address critical urban infrastructure and public health issues.

“Urban parks are essential infrastructure for 21stcentury cities as they were for our cities during periods of our nation’s greatest growth. Parks can help cities with aging infrastructure to thrive, and help them compete for businesses and residents in the future,” continued Nagel.

The resolution emphasizes the need for city parks to be included in any new urban plan infrastructure development.

The resolution reads: “U.S. Conference of Mayors stands ready to work in partnership with the President, all members of the administration, and Congress to ensure that urban parks are included with other infrastructure in an integrated, coordinated approach to help create sustainable, prosperous communities with equal access for all inhabitants.”

City Parks Alliance recently launched City Parks: America’s New Infrastructure, a five-part video series documenting the critical role of parks as infrastructure. The videos focus on parks ability to help with transportation, resilience, health, and the local economy and feature interviews with business leaders, real estate developers, elected officials (bi-partisan), urban designers, researchers, and advocates.

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