• Apr 1, 2020

    Emergency Relief for Nonprofits and Small Businesses through COVID-19 CARES Act

    Julie Waterman, City Parks Alliance

    The recently-enacted CARES Act is designed to help small businesses and nonprofits retain employees during the economic downturn.

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  • Aug 13, 2019

    How Cities Like Birmingham, Alabama, Are Unlocking New Funding for Parks and Green Space

    Matthew Eldridge, Urban Institute

    Article from Urban Institute on how connecting parks to social benefits can generate new support and funding.

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  • Oct 15, 2018

    A Crucial Funding Stream for Urban Parks

    Catherine Nagel, City Parks Alliance

    A federal grant program that helps diverse, underserved neighborhoods should be preserved -- and expanded.

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  • Jul 13, 2017

    Let’s Pass a Law to Fund Urban Greenspaces

    Nanette Barragán

    Read Congresswoman Barragán's thoughts on the importance of urban green spaces and her historic introduction of the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Act.

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  • Jun 19, 2017

    New Public and Private Funding Strategies for Urban Parks

    Catherine Nagel, City Parks Alliance

    Today’s parks serve multiple purposes, spurring interesting collaborations between parks departments and other public agencies.

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