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City Parks Alliance events offer networking and learning opportunities for parks and recreation professionals and others working to maximize the benefits of parks and greenspace in America’s cities.

  • Member Exclusive
    Peer Conversation

    Making Data Part of Your DNA: Operationalizing Data Processes

    Feb 28, 2024Virtual - Register Below

    In our data-driven world, we understand the importance of using data to make good decisions and effectively manage projects at our parks organizations. Maybe y…

  • Member Exclusive

    Planting Priorities: An Equitable and Resilient Urban Tree Canopy

    March 2024Virtual

    The equitable distribution of trees throughout cities ensures that all neighborhoods have access to the multitude of health and climate resilience benefits of …

  • Webinar

    Green Gentrification: Myths, Facts, and Lived Experience

    April 2024Virtual

    When the addition of a park or green space in a low-income community is perceived as causing unaffordability and displacement for long-time residents, the phen…

  • Member Exclusive
    Peer Conversation

    Ensuring Communities Thrive When Park Projects Come to the Neighborhood

    May 2024Virtual

    Following on our April webinar, this peer conversation will foster dialogue among park leaders about how to support communities and protect residents from disp…

  • Conference

    Greater & Greener 2026

    Jun 13-16, 2026Austin, TX

    Greater & Greener 2026 to be held in Austin, TX in partnership with the City of Austin and The Trail Conservancy.

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