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Despite the geographic diversity of urban parkland in the United States, all parks and communities have to address some common issues. The goal of these case studies is to facilitate knowledge-sharing and help park leaders across the nation to learn from each other’s successes and setbacks and ultimately build green, vibrant, and equitable cities together.

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    Case Study

    Equity in the Fourth Bluff District

    Memphis River Parks Partnership

    Memphis River Parks Partnership discovers transferring park ownership to local non-profit greatly assists equity in developing urban parks.

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    Case Study

    Washington Area Bicyclist Association | Washington, DC

    Washington Area Bicyclists Association, Washington D.C

    The Washington Area of Bicyclists Association annual fundraising bike ride showcases urban environment and historic sites along the C&O Canal.

  • Case Study

    Healthy Aging at the Older Americans Center

    Older Americans Center, Jasper, IN

    A single fitness class started over 30 years ago has led to a thriving, full-time exercise program focused solely on residents age 55 and up.

  • Case Study

    Girls Play, LA

    City Parks Alliance

    The City of Los Angeles's Department of Parks & Recreation's "Girls Play, LA" focuses on fitness for girls in under-served communities.

  • Case Study

    FY17 LWCF ORLP Selected Projects

    National Park Service

    A description of 16 Selected Projects and associated award amounts for FY17-18 LWCF-ORLP

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Case Studies: City Parks – A Smart Investment for America’s Health, Economy & Environment

We’ve compiled stories and strategies from 11 American cities who have leveraged city parks to create positive, lasting change in the social, economic, and physical well-being of their residents.

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