Community Youth Services Partnership Success

Case Study | Homelessness
Community Youth Services Partnership Success


In 2015, Olympia City Council allocated $20,000 to the Parks Department to develop, implement, and adminis- ter a youth employment program managed in Parks Operations. The program targeted young adults ages 18 to 24 who are low-income, and may be at-risk or under sheltered, and may lack basic skills or job experience.

Program Goals

To facilitate lifelong learning by providing opportuni- ties to increase academic achievement, leadership, self -determination, increase self-esteem, and prepare youth to enter a competitive job market within our community.

Scope of Work

Through this agreement, the program placed three youth in meaningful work experiences for 30 hours per week for 12 weeks with funds provided by City of Olympia.

Community Youth Services provided job readiness for the youth transitioning to employment; such as helping prepare applications, teaching interview skills, clothing, and transportation.

Key Projects

  • Improving the trail system at Watershed Park
  • Improving the trail system on Ellis Cove trail at Priest Point Park
  • Making improvements to the Yashiro Japanese Garden
  • Retention Pond Restoration on the Yelm Highway Parcel
  • Serving as an integral member of the City’s mowing crew


  • Learned basic job responsibilities; such as punctuality, communication, applying judgement, problem solving and teamwork
  • Staff were able to obtain their flagger’s card, first aid/CPR card, and attend harassment/ diversity training
  • Trained in job specific safety and applicable safety equipment
  • Learned landscape maintenance skills; such as mowing, weeding, edging, and pruning
  • Learned trail maintenance skills; such as vegetation removal, graveling trails, repairing steps, handrails, and pruning
  • Learned custodial duties; such as cleaning restrooms, litter control, and refuse removal

Source: Olympia, WA Parks Maintenance Department |


Community youth, November 2015: Jesus Ramos, Amanda Rich, Jonathen Thompson.


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