Green Gentrification: Myths, Facts, and Lived Experience

Green Gentrification: Myths, Facts, and Lived Experience

When the addition of a park or green space in a low-income community is perceived as causing unaffordability and displacement for long-time residents, the phenomenon is called green gentrification. But how much of this displacement can be blamed on park projects, when other issues such as historic disinvestment and generational wealth patterns are at play? And should the fear of potential displacement prevent low-income communities from receiving access to parks and green spaces that can dramatically improve neighborhood health and quality of life?

Join us to explore both the myths and realities of “green gentrification,” and learn about ways that communities and local governments can minimize displacement and support residents when beneficial park projects come to the neighborhood.

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This event is hosted in partnership with Prevention Institute.

Support provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

April 2024


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