City Parks Alliance Members Honor Earth Day with Celebrations and Service

City Parks Alliance Members Honor Earth Day with Celebrations and Service

Urban parks can be a significant part of Earth Day celebrations, as they provide a perfect platform for cities to showcase their commitment to sustainability through a range of activities and events. 

Here are some ways City Parks Alliance members provide opportunities for communities to show their dedication to nature and each other.

The city of Madison, Wisconsin, hosts an annual Earth Day Challenge event in its parks. Volunteers help with tasks such as planting trees, removing invasive species, and cleaning up litter. This event allows the community to come together and take action toward a more sustainable future.

Volunteers help plant trees at Madison School in Tacoma | Tacoma News Tribune

Photo Credit: Forestry Dept, City of Madison


Houston, Texas, hosts a massive Earth Day Houston event each year. The festival is held in Discovery Green, one of Houston’s beautiful downtown urban parks. The event offers educational exhibits, live music, and interactive activities for visitors to learn about sustainability and how they can make a difference.

BPCP- Earth Day

Photo Credit: EARTHDAYHTX via Houston Parks and Recreation Department


Miami-Dade County in Florida also organizes a series of Earth Day celebrations in their local parks. The event offers a wide range of activities, including nature walks, eco-friendly crafts, park clean-ups, and educational exhibits. This event provides an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about the importance of healthy ecosystems and how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Photo Credit: Miami-Dade Police Department


Philadelphia Parks & Recreation is organizing a variety of events and activities throughout April to celebrate Earth Day as well as Arbor Day, including tree plantings, community cleanups, and seedling giveaways. They are also partnering with local organizations to offer educational workshops and nature walks.

An African-American man carries a sapling to a woman's car.

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Parks & Recreation


Urban parks provide a unique and accessible way for cities to celebrate and amplify sustainability efforts on Earth Day. By organizing events and activities in these spaces, cities can leverage the power of parks to galvanize people and contribute to a healthier planet. .

What is your city doing to celebrate Earth Month this year? Send an email to [email protected] to be included in future highlights!


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