Baltimore Workshop Resources

Thanks for Joining Us at the Baltimore Workshop!

Thank you for joining us at the February 6, 2020, City Workshop in Baltimore, hosted by City Parks Alliance, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, and the Parks & People Foundation. Below you will find links to some helpful follow-up resources, including:

  • City Parks Alliance’s “Principles of Successful Park Partnerships” publication, which was briefly reviewed at the workshop
  • A recent City Parks Alliance publication containing case studies on equitable investment in urban park systems
  • Park Pride’s “Friends of the Park Handbook,” referenced during the workshop by Michael Halicki of Park Pride
  • The PowerPoint presentations from the two speakers, Michael Halicki of Park Pride and Vicki Israel of the City of Los Angeles.

If you have any questions about these resources, please email [email protected]

Related Resources

Principles of Successful Park Partnerships

City Parks Alliance

Learn about the 11 principles that can help you create more effective and well-managed partnerships to bring innovative solutions to your most complex problems.

Investing in Equitable Urban Park Systems: Case Studies & Recommendations

City Parks Alliance

Learn from seven cities that are leading the way with data-driven approaches to guide park investments, engage communities, and build better parks for all.

Friends of the Park Handbook

Park Pride

This handbook provides helpful tips on creating and sustaining a successful Friends of the Park group, including how to set goals, build relationships, plan a project or event, and more.

Building a Successful Citywide Parks Movement [Presentation]

Michael Halicki, Park Pride, Atlanta

Michael shares his experience in helping to build a successful citywide parks movement as the Executive Director of Park Pride. Topics include the importance of partnership and building relationships, growing a broad-based advocacy network, supporting Friends of the Park groups, and more.

Summer Night Lights [Presentation]

Vicki Israel, City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks

Vicki shares her experience in helping to create the Summer Night Lights program as the Assistant Manager of the City of Los Angeles. Summer Night Lights is an anti-gang violence initiative that keeps parks open after dark to provide programming, family activities, employment for at-risk youth, and community connections.

Looking for More Park & Rec-Related Resources?

Check out our ParkXChange Resource Library, a searchable database of helpful park resource documents, including cross-sector MOUs, equity action plans, agreements for park maintenance and operations, dog park and concession management, green infrastructure development and maintenance, community benefits, arts and cultural programming and events, as well as other resource guides and technical tools to support park partnerships.